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The dentists of the Dulles Dental Group offer cosmetic and restorative dental services, including custom-made and fitted dentures, to the residents of Centerville, Virginia. Each denture is uniquely created to fit every patient's need.

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Dentures Q & A

Why Would Patients Need Dentures?

Tooth loss can occur for a number of reasons, including severe decay, injury, gum disease, osteoporosis (bone thinning) that affected the jawbone. If patients only have a few missing teeth, implants or a bridge may be all that’s necessary, but if most or all of their teeth are in bad shape, they should be extracted to improve dental health. In that case, dentures are probably a better option.

Will Dentures Improve My Appearance?

Having dentures is certainly more attractive than a mouthful of decaying teeth or no teeth at all; however, the real issue is functionality. Although some facial sagging is normal with age, when patients lose all their teeth, their face can look sunken around the mouth. Dentures will restore the underlying structure that makes the face look more natural. Dentures can also be made so that problems such as crooked teeth or discolored teeth are no longer a problem.

What Are Denture Choices?

Patients have three options for dentures. Conventional dentures are the classic, fully removable type. Patients won’t get these until several months after their teeth have been extracted to be sure their mouth has healed. Immediate dentures are placed the same day patients have their surgery. These means they won’t go without their teeth during the healing period, but sometimes this kind of denture has to be modified or remade after the healing period is complete. If patients will not have to have all their teeth removed, they may be able to have an overdenture, which fits over the remaining teeth.

What Kind of Care Do Dentures Need?

Much of the patient’s oral hygiene regime remains the same. They won’t need to floss unless they have an overdenture with some of their own teeth. But they should brush the gums, tongue and the roof of their mouth every morning before putting in dentures. Dentures also must be brushed to remove food debris. When patients take their dentures out at night, they should put them in a container of water. Handle dentures gently; they’re breakable.

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Includes: Complete exam, cleaning, x-ray, fluoride for children.

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