Urgent Care

If you have a dental emergency near the Centerville, Virginia area, call the dentists of the Dulles Dental Group. Our doctors offer exceptional urgent care services for any dental emergency.

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Urgent Care Q & A

Do I Need Dental Urgent Care?

Dental urgent care (also called a dental emergency) is something that can’t wait until the dentist’s office is open during normal business hours. A classic example is a tooth that has been knocked out. Immediate treatment may save the tooth, so this is a clear case of a dental emergency. A chipped or broken tooth that is causing patients pain or that has a jagged edge and is cutting their mouth might be another example of a dental emergency. Severe pain from an abscess is another example of something that shouldn’t wait for the normal business day.

What Should I Do if I Lose a Tooth?

Losing a permanent tooth can leave patients with an unsightly gap and affect their bite, and it hurts. Quick action may help save the tooth. The most important thing patients can do is keep it moist. If possible, tuck it between cheek and gum (don’t try to scrub it clean; just give it a quick rinse with water). Even better, if possible, is to gently replace it back in the socket without touching the root of the tooth. Patients could also place it in a glass or milk or in a special tooth-preservation product the American Dental Association has approved for just such emergencies.

What Kind of Self-Care Should Be Practiced for Dental Emergencies?

Chipped or cracked teeth have an increased risk of infection, so keep the mouth clean with warm water rinses. Patients can use cold compresses to help keep down swelling from a bitten lip or cheek. If patients get something stuck between two teeth, dental floss will get it out. Don’t use anything sharp or pointed, and avoid toothpicks — they may wedge the object in even more tightly. Warm water rinses and cold packs may be helpful for a severe toothache.

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